Myopia Management

Myopia Management:

Are you concerned about increased screen time for your child lately? Does your child’s glasses prescription go up every time you visit your eye doctor?

Increased near work/screen time causes significant increase in myopia (nearsightedness) degree and progression in kids and teens. High progression of nearsightedness increases risk of irreversible eye conditions later in life that cannot be corrected by LASIK or wearing glasses/contact lenses. Some of these complications of high nearsightedness can lead to permanent vision loss (6 fold increase in retinal detachment and myopic macular degeneration). Historically very little has been done to slow down the progression of nearsightedness by eye doctors.

There is good news: there is reliable and strong new evidence in scientific literature in support of special contact lens designs and eye drops that can significantly slow the progression of nearsightedness in children.

Ocean Optical Redmond is pleased to offer this new service for your child. Protect your child’s future vision health by taking action now. Call our office at (425) 556-0202 or make an online appointment for your child’s eye exam and myopia management consultation.