Siti Noviyantini


Siti Noviyantini is an indispensable member of the Ocean EyeCare team, serving as our dedicated administrator. Her exceptional work ethic and genuine kindness make her an invaluable asset to our optometry practice. With a passion for excellence and a commitment to providing exceptional service, Siti ensures that our operations run seamlessly, allowing our patients to receive the best care possible.

Her journey in the field of administration began when she recognized the significance of supporting the optometrists and staff who play a crucial role in improving patients' eye health.

Siti's dedication to her role is truly remarkable. She effortlessly manages the intricate administrative tasks, ensuring that our office functions efficiently. From scheduling appointments, coordinating with insurance providers, to maintaining meticulous records, Siti's attention to detail is impeccable. Her exceptional organizational skills and proactive approach streamline our operations, enabling our team to focus on delivering exceptional eye care services.

Beyond her administrative prowess, Siti's kind-hearted nature radiates through every interaction. She greets each patient with a warm smile, making them feel welcome and valued. Siti takes the time to listen attentively to their concerns, offering support and guidance throughout their journey at Ocean EyeCare. Her empathetic demeanor creates a nurturing environment, where patients feel comfortable and confident in their decision to entrust us with their eye care needs.

In addition to her administrative responsibilities, Siti actively contributes to fostering a sense of community at Ocean EyeCare. She organizes various outreach initiatives, collaborating with local organizations to provide eye care services to those in need. Siti's dedication to making a positive impact extends beyond the office walls, as she selflessly gives her time and energy to create meaningful change in the lives of others.

Outside of her professional commitments, Siti finds joy in exploring the serene coastal areas. She embraces the tranquility of the ocean, finding inspiration and rejuvenation amidst its beauty. This connection to nature fuels her drive to constantly improve and support the Ocean EyeCare team in providing exceptional care to our patients.

Ocean EyeCare is privileged to have Siti Noviyantini as our esteemed administrator. Her unwavering work ethic, combined with her kind-hearted nature, elevates the quality of service we provide to our patients. Whether you're seeking assistance with appointments, insurance inquiries, or general support, Siti's dedication and compassion will ensure that your experience at Ocean EyeCare exceeds your expectations.

Contact us today and witness firsthand the exceptional care and genuine kindness that Siti Noviyantini and the entire Ocean EyeCare team are committed to delivering.